Link Aggregation: 1/26/13

Disaster Response:

The CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response has recommended the site Do 1 Thing as a good starting point for preparing yourself and your family for a disaster. Do 1 thing sends free monthly suggestions on simple ways to prepare yourself, your family, and your community, and they also offer materials in large print, audio format, braille, Spanish, Chinese, Nepali, Arabic, Swahili, Somali, and Burmese.

An article about cholera in Haiti provides a really cool look at how the health of responders is an important factor to consider in emergency management.

A great article on disaster planning for people with horses.

Science Communication:

Occam’s Typewriter blogger summarizes the #overlyhonestmethods trend on twitter.

Also in twitter, #MiddleEarthPublicHealth discussed population health concerns in Lord of the Rings.

I absolutely love the video blog The Brain Scoop. Check out one of their videos below!

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